Saturday, August 1, 2009

Apple Doubles Time Capsule Capacity

Apple Doubles Time Capsule Capacity: "

Apple’s Time Capsule is a fantastic idea. Even if you don’t use the rather gimmicky and feature-lacking Time Machine backup service, a networked hard drive that “just works” is incredibly handy. But, as with most Apple accessories, they’re expensive. Up until today, $500 for a 1TB drive and a router in the same box was rather steep, especially as there are plenty of cheaper, non-Apple solutions.

Apple has partially fixed this, and both Time Capsules have doubled in storage for no price increase. Now a 1TB model will cost you $300, and a 2TB box $500. That’s still rather a lot, but if you were buying a one terabyte unit anyway, you just saved $200.

Product page [Apple]

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