Saturday, August 1, 2009

World’s Biggest Portable TV Is 13 Meters Long

World’s Biggest Portable TV Is 13 Meters Long: "
big screenIn this case, the definition of “portable” has been stretched slightly. The iConic 100 LED screen has more in common with a billboard than a television, with a surface area of 100m². The screen is actually high-def and can play back 720p video.

From there, the numbers get even bigger. The display is 12.8 meters long and 7.2 meters tall. That’s a 578-inch screen, if my math is correct, and the TV takes a half hour to set up once it has arrived. And how, you are no doubt asking, could this be called portable? That’s the trick. The Iconic comes on wheels. Giant, flatbed trailer wheels which hook up to a truck, making it technically “portable”, despite weighing 33,000Kg. It even comes with a generator so you don’t have to find a socket to plug it in.

So, is this the world’s largest portable TV? Actually, no. There’s no built-in tuner, so really it’s just a big ol’ screen.

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